RPAS CivOps conference in brussels

date: 2016.01.18

Our company Dron House S.A. has huge pleasure to participate in the conference RPAS CivOps on 19-20 January 2016 in Brussels.


During the second day of the conference, on 20th January during the session ‘Solutions for safe integration of RPAS’, the Project Manager Mrs Justyna Zdanowska is representing our UAV Monitoring System and the stages of implementation of our UAV Monitoring System proposed by Dron House S.A. for the years 2016-2019. The Group Dron House S.A. notices the real need of implementation of new legal standards and technical solutions, which will be also represented during our lecture.


The main aim of the conference is the implementation of the European Roadmap for RPAS, discussion about  issues related to national legislation, insurances, security of privacy and personal data, civil RPAS operations, current and future commercial uses and other, solutions for the road traffic, technical requirements of the users, needs of the clients towards work in the airspace, new tasks and gathered experience.


More information available on the website of UVS International, who is the main organizator of the conference.

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RPAS CivOps conference in Brussels

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