punctual monitoring of level of water in Vistula basin

datE: 2015.08.28

We have just received the first order to deliver „punctual monitoring of level of water in Vistula basin” within frames of the project. The next orders are coming next Monday.


Drone pilots who are interested in cooperation with us, please let us know. Minimal technical requirements: multirotor – Phantom 3 or Inspire 1. Other requirements: possibility of moving camera vertically, barrel distortion not greater than in Phantom 3 or Inspire 1, resolution of photos - 12 Mpix, geotagging, ability to take pictures with an interval of 5 seconds. Other technical requirements of the flight will be explained in the order.


The graphic below presents the way of performing the flight.

update: 2015.09.03

The first order accomplished by our partner presenting the state of Vistula basin. The orthophotomap was made with the photo resultion of 3 cm by Inspire 1, total duration of the flight: 20 minutes.The next orders are waiting to be done, so we would like to invite all drone pilots to cooperate.


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