Dron House S.A. Training Centre certified by the Civil Aviation Authority Training Centre for drone operators No. 132RPS-02/2015



The aim of the centre is professional training of candidates for the UAV operators in the field of VLOS, BVLOS and EVLOS on aircrafts and multicopters. Each time the training is completed with the state examinations.


Certified UAV Training Centre is complex place in terms of: theoretical training, practical training, product training, hotel, restaurant, insurance, flight zones A B C for flights within sight and out of reach of the flight

and the state examinations.

The UAV Training Centre provides theoretical and practical training according to the plan approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, which ends with the state examination

at the Dron House S.A. UAV Training Centre.


The theoretical training is designed to acquire knowledge required for a student to obtain a qualification certificate of the UAV operator, used for purposes other than recreational and sport, and for safe and conscious conduct of flights and the operation of unmanned aircraft in sight. Classes are taught by staff with many years of experience. These are the operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, professional engineers of unmanned platforms and professionals with many years of experience, both theoretical and practical, in terms of organization and management of Polish airspace. The theoretical training ends with internal exam that verifies the knowledge and allows to proceed with more confidence to the state examination.


The practical training is carried out in the form of ground exercises on simulators and practical trainings in the airspace. The practical training ends with internal exam that verifies the knowledge and allows to proceed with more confidence to the state examination.


In addition, the Centre conducts a specialized training in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing. These courses are offered in the form of a three or ten days trainings.



The three-day training is dedicated to people who want to obtain the basic knowledge of performing photogrammetric flights by operating unmanned platforms (multicopters and aircrafts) and acquire the basic skills related to the processing of the obtained in this way photogrammetric data.


The ten-day training allows to acquire an in-depth knowledge in the field of photogrammetry and remote sensing, performing flights of unmanned aircrafts, operating specialized software for processing the photogrammetric data and prepares to conduct the abovementioned activities.


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ul. Puławska 2,

02-566 Warszawa

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