Dron House Group is a new quality on the market. The leader of comprehensive and innovative solutions setting new trends.

Dron House Group is a joint project of a group of aviation enthusiasts,

professionals who have been connected with the remote control devices market since 1997, pioneers, who were the first in Poland that used and produced unmanned aircrafts, commonly known as drones.


Creators of the Dron House S.A. company were also the authors of the first live video transmission from the drone in Poland.


Our team consists of experienced unmanned aircrafts operators, trainers who are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority in Poland, engineers who implement the tender procedures of producing drones for the government authorities, scientists – specialists in a field of land surveying, cartography and high-class managers.


We owe our unique position not only due to the scale of our activity, but also because of technological edge, experienced staff and our offer based on four pillars: production, services, training and consulting.



  Civil Aviation Authority

  Polish Air Navigation Services Agency

  Polish State Railways Cargo S.A.

  Polish State Railways

  Polish Railway Lines S.A.

  TVP 1, TVP 2

  TVN, Polsat

  Science Centre "Copernicus"

  Polish Energy Group

  Polish Energy Networks

  Polish Kompania Węglowa S.A.


  Fire Service


  UAV Monitoring System – registered design pattern ZWW 002806976, OHIM - organisation for the EU countries, WIPO 47642
     – patents on the territories of European Union and USA, Turkey, Singapore, Norway, Korea, Japan, Switzerland;

  BIELIK drone – the first 100% Polish drone – the first drone that makes its own decisions;

  Integrated operating system with RGB 30 x zoom camera;

  Rescue Drone – a drone for water rescue;

  Project Scale – access to 200 drones in real time;

  The locator of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in real time;

  On-board computer for unmanned aerial vehicles – with decision-making function;


ul. Puławska 2,

02-566 Warszawa

  +48 884 330 477


ul. Puławska 2,

02-566 Warszawa

  +48 505 040 886